About Us

The Odeon events complex is located at the heart of the green Sharon area and in a convenient location connecting close and far.

A place for people persons. A spectacular place in an intimate close environment.
Odeon brings together historic inspiration and the modern present. A combination of tall pillars, an impressive entrance and a vast space, are part of the bold architecture of the place.
The Odeon Complex is adjacent to the main traffic routes in the Sharon area and Hefer Valley.
Odeon, which covers 3,500 sqaure meters, offers a green and vast reception complex, a separated area for the marriage service and a 7 meters tall glass hall. From above, the suite’s balcony looking over the center of the reception area. The parking around the complex and the perfect accessibility creates the pleasantness and the peace-of-mind as you enter the complex.
A wedding or any family event, a conference or a convention, you are all invited to fall in love with a place which gives many people special moments which last a lifetime.


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