Culinary Concept

“Varied and precise with lots of color,” this is how Odeon chef, Erez Hadad sees the ideal events menu.
There are chefs who star in prime time on TV, and there are master chefs who create wonderful tastes for us behind the scenes without our always knowing who they are. The chef of the Odeon events’ site, Erez Hadad, is the proud holder of a list of titles and honors too long and varied for this article.
“I mainly love the satisfied, contented look on the guests’ faces. There are great expectations from a wedding meal, both because of the large outlay and because of the occasion.” Erez built Odeon a menu that, in his words, transmits a different, new, original and better concept. One that will cause the guests to return. “A good menu for an event,” he says, “needs to be varied, precise, fresh, of high quality, with varied flavors, and with lots of color and aroma.”

Odeon’s cuisine – uncompromising raw materials

One of the things about Odeon that attracts Erez is the room for maneuver that is given him in his work. “A chef needs to create, to be original and professional without budget limitations. I’m lucky that I have all this freedom in Odeon together with uncompromising raw materials.” Erez also speaks about the pleasure of working in cooperation with a professional staff devoted to the customer’s needs. “Today Odeon is on a clear track to become number one in Israel. The food is of a high quality and evokes prestige and I am sure that the future is still ahead of us.”

The next generation of taste, aroma and quality

“It is a great privilege for a chef in the modern world to combine tastes and cultures,” says Erez and adds that as the food in Odeon is not flavored with spices but created using cooking methods that combine fresh raw materials and the use of varied methods, the menu that he has created can be defined as a kind of fusion. It can be said that it is a kind of healthy world cuisine, the next generation of taste, aroma and quality.” In the kitchen, Erez draws inspiration from the ingredients such as: green leaves, herbs, seasonal vegetables, special home-made sauces and dressings, high quality meat, fresh fish fillets, and more. “I find Italian cuisine most challenging,” Erez says. “It is a basic cuisine with simple, high quality ingredients, almost without spices and nevertheless its genius is in its simplicity.”

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